What is Babka?

Thanks to my Jewish heritage, I was introduced to babka as soon as my mom allowed me to eat chocolate. You may wonder what babka is. Well, it’s a traditional cake my grandma used to make for special occasions – always in bulk and with a variety of different fillings. It’s somewhere between a cake and a sweet bread, made of a rich brioche dough, traditionally with a cinnamon or cocoa powder and sugar filling. I will also add vegan and gluten free options very soon, so stay tuned.

How can I buy your Babka?

You can pre order my babkas through my website for pick up or shipping.
Pick up is available from my home kitchen in Cedar Park on Fridays. You can also pre order and pick up from Wolf Ranch Farmers Market every Saturday morning. 
SHIPPING option is now available! Order by Sunday night for dispatch on the following Tuesday. Please note, babka is a great shippable gift, it stays soft and yummy. *Please also note, when you order you are selecting a dispatch date - not a delivery date

**If you’d like to order my babkas for an upcoming event or fundraiser, or if you’d like to send your company’s employees a holiday/gratitude package, email me at sariel@babkaatx.com or call (512) 766-8857.