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What is Babka?

Thanks to my Jewish heritage, I was introduced to babka as soon as my mom allowed me to eat chocolate. You may wonder what babka is. Well, it’s a traditional cake my grandma used to make for special occasions – always in bulk and with a variety of different fillings. It’s somewhere between a cake and a sweet bread, made of a rich brioche dough, traditionally with a cinnamon or cocoa powder and sugar filling. I will also add vegan and gluten free options very soon, so stay tuned.

How can I buy your Babka?

  • Pick up (Austin, TX): You can pre order our babkas on our website for pick up. Pick up is available from our commercial kitchen occasionally.

  • Nationwide Shipping: Babka is a great shippable gift, it stays soft and yummy. Order on our website and choose shipping on the cart page.
    Please note, when you order you are selecting a dispatch date - not a delivery day.

  • Amazon: Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon loaves, vegan chocolate, vegan cinnamon loaves. 6 mini pack, 8 mini pack.
  • Texas Farmers Market at Mueller (Austin, TX)Pre order on our website and pick up from the market every Sunday (10am-2pm) or just drop by.
  • Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline (Cedar Park, TX): Pre order on our website and pick up from the market every Saturday (9am-1pm) or just drop by.
  • Wolf Ranch Framers Market (Georgetown, TX): Saturday (8:30am-1pm)
  • Central Market (Austin, Houston, Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Fort Worth):
    • Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Butter Pecan loaves and mini duos
  • Rosen's Bagels Co. (Austin, TX):
    • Mini babkas

  • Thom's Market (Austin, TX):
    • Mini Babkas at the Burnet location
    • Mini Babkas at the Barton Springs location
    • Mini Babkas at the Spyglass location
    • Mini Babkas at the Riverside location
  • Cork & Brew market (Austin, TX):
    • Mini babkas
  • Mojo Coffee Lakeline (Austin, TX):
    • Mini babkas
    • Barley Bean (Austin, TX):
      • Mini babkas
      • Dia's Market (Austin, TX):
        • Mini Babkas
        **If you’d like to order our babkas for an upcoming event or fundraiser, or if you’d like to send your company’s employees a holiday/gratitude package, email us at Babka@babkaatx.com or call (512) 766-8857.